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Sample APA Term Paper

  • Renee M. 
Sample Term Papers

Below is a sample history term paper in APA 7th ed. titled: “The Role of Women in the Suffrage Movement.” This example is intended to help high school and college students write better term papers.

APA Term Paper

APA Term Paper Outline: The Role of Women in the Suffrage Movement

Here is the outline for this sample term paper:

  1. Title Page (APA)
    • The title of the term paper
    • Your name
    • Academic institution
    • Course code and name
    • Instructor’s name and title
    • Date of submission
  2. Introduction
    • Brief overview of the women’s suffrage movement and its historical significance.
    • Thesis statement: The women’s suffrage movement was a pivotal moment in history, driven by the dedication and efforts of women who sought political equality.
  3. Historical Background
    • The status of women in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
    • Preceding movements and influences, including the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848.
  4. Key Figures in the Suffrage Movement
    • Susan B. Anthony
    • Elizabeth Cady Stanton
    • Alice Paul
    • Lucy Burns
    • Other influential suffragists
  5. The Strategies and Tactics
    • Peaceful protest and civil disobedience.
    • Organizing suffrage parades and rallies.
    • Lobbying for suffrage at local, state, and national levels.
    • Hunger strikes and imprisonment as forms of protest.
  6. The Role of Suffrage Organizations
    • The National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA).
    • The National Woman’s Party (NWP).
    • State-level suffrage organizations.
  7. The Opposition and Obstacles
    • Anti-suffrage movements and arguments.
    • Challenges faced by suffragists, including gender stereotypes and societal resistance.
  8. Milestones and Achievements
    • State-level suffrage victories.
    • The passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920.
    • The significance of the 19th Amendment in granting women the right to vote.
  9. The Legacy of the Suffrage Movement
    • The continued struggle for women’s rights after suffrage.
    • The impact of the suffrage movement on women’s participation in politics.
  10. Conclusion
    • Recap of the suffrage movement’s importance.
    • Reflection on the enduring significance of women’s suffrage and the ongoing pursuit of gender equality.
  11. References (APA)
    • A comprehensive list of sources, including primary documents and scholarly works, used in the paper in the American Psychological Association (APA) citation style.
    • Follow specific guidelines provided in your instructions.

This outline provides a structured framework for your term paper on the role of women in the suffrage movement, guiding your research, organization, and writing. You can expand each section with details, examples, and analysis to create a comprehensive and informative paper.

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