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Sample MLA Term Paper

Sample Term Papers

Below is a sample criminal justice term paper in MLA titled: “Police Accountability and Use of Force.” This example is intended to help high school and college students write better term papers.

MLA Term Paper

MLA Term Paper Outline: Police Accountability and Use of Force

Here is the outline for this sample term paper:

  1. Title Page (MLA – Not on a separate page)
    • Your name
    • Course code and name
    • Instructor’s name and title
    • Date of submission
    • The title of the term paper (centered)
  2. Introduction
    • Background and context of the issue
    • Importance of police accountability in society
    • Purpose of the term paper
    • Thesis statement
  3. Use of Force in Policing
    • Definition and types of force used by law enforcement
    • Factors influencing the use of force
    • Historical perspective on the use of force in policing
  4. Police Accountability Mechanisms
    • Overview of accountability mechanisms (internal and external)
    • Internal affairs units and their role
    • External oversight bodies (e.g., civilian review boards)
    • Legal and ethical standards governing police conduct
  5. Issues and Challenges
    • Incidents of excessive force and their consequences
    • Racial disparities in the use of force
    • Resistance to accountability measures within law enforcement
    • Public perception and trust in law enforcement
  6. Case Studies
    • Analyze specific cases or incidents involving police use of force
    • Examine the response of accountability mechanisms
    • Discuss the outcomes and public reactions
  7. Reform Efforts
    • Discuss recent efforts and reforms aimed at improving police accountability
    • Evaluate the impact of body-worn cameras and de-escalation training
    • Analyze proposed legislative changes and their potential effects
  8. International Perspectives
    • Compare police accountability and use of force issues in other countries
    • Highlight successful models and practices from around the world
  9. Future Directions
    • Propose recommendations for improving police accountability
    • Discuss the role of community policing and community engagement
    • Consider the evolving landscape of law enforcement and technology
  10. Conclusion
    • Summarize key findings and insights
    • Reiterate the importance of police accountability in modern society
    • Highlight the ongoing nature of this complex issue
  11. References (MLA)
    • Cite all sources used in the term paper in Modern Language Association (MLA) citation style.
    • Follow specific guidelines provided in your instructions.

This outline provides a structured framework for your term paper on police accountability and the use of force. You can expand each section with research, analysis, and relevant examples to create a comprehensive and well-organized paper.

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