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  1. If you need help from a specific online writer, contact Support on Whatsapp: +1(619)432-0944 and request for help using the writer’s ID (if you have it). Our online support desk will then help you place your request and assign it to your preferred writer. You can also place the request and in the order page’s “Comments” section, leave a note; preferably with the writer’s ID.
  2. To request your essay writer for changes, revision, editing, or incorporation of feedback; log in to your account and contact your specific essay writer via the messaging system.
  3. To provide bulk files; email us at support (at) Please also let the support desk know that files have been sent.
  4. To post a review for a completed custom paper, or rate our online support desk, message us via the form above.
  5. For solutions provided under the free Q&A section, please review and comment below the respective post. We highly appreciate it!