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Sample APA Literature Review on Climate Change

Below is a sample stand-alone literature review research paper in APA style titled: “Impact of Climate Change on Marine Biodiversity: A Comprehensive Literature Review.” This example is intended to help college students write better research papers.

APA Literature Review: Impact of Climate Change on Marine Biodiversity

Lit Review Outline: Impact of Climate Change on Marine Biodiversity

Here is the outline for this sample lit review:

  1. Introduction
    1. Background and Significance
    2. Climate change as a global environmental challenge
    3. The critical importance of marine biodiversity
    4. Purpose and scope of the literature review
    5. Objectives and Research Questions
    6. Structure of the Review
  2. Literature Review
    1. Search Strategy
      • Database Selection
      • Keywords and Search Terms
      • Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
      • Data Collection and Selection Process
      • Quality Assessment of Studies
    2. Synthesis of Literature
      1. Ocean Warming
        • Causes and consequences of ocean warming
        • Effects on marine ecosystems
        • Case studies highlighting the impact
      2. Ocean Acidification
        • Explanation and causes of ocean acidification
        • Impact on marine organisms and ecosystems
        • Noteworthy research on ocean acidification
      3. Sea Level Rise and Coastal Ecosystems
        • Sea level rise and its causes
        • Implications for coastal habitats
        • Impact on biodiversity and ecosystems
      4. Extreme Weather Events and Storms
        • Climate change’s influence on ocean storms
        • Consequences for marine species
        • Case studies showcasing the effects
      5. Shifts in Marine Species Distribution
        • Changes in distribution patterns
        • Effects on native species, invasives, and fisheries
        • Illustrative examples and ecological consequences
      6. Conservation and Adaptation Strategies
        • Conservation efforts and mitigation strategies
        • The role of marine protected areas
        • Innovative adaptation methods for marine ecosystems
  3. Discussion
    1. Synthesis of Key Findings
      • Patterns and trends in climate change impacts
      • Variability in regional and species-specific responses
    2. Knowledge Gaps and Research Needs
      • Areas where further research is needed
      • Potential limitations in current knowledge
    3. Policy Implications
      • Analysis of existing climate and biodiversity policies
      • Recommendations for future policy development
  4. Conclusion
    1. Recap of Main Findings
    2. Implications for Marine Biodiversity
    3. Call to Action
      • The urgency of addressing climate change
      • The importance of preserving marine biodiversity
  5. References
    • Comprehensive list of all sources and studies referenced in the review.
    • Adhere to the formatting and citation style guidelines required by your institution or instructor.

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