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40+ Research Paper Topics for High School Students

High School Research Paper Topics
A high school research paper topic is the subject or theme selected for a research paper assigned to high school students. These topics may be chosen by students or assigned by teachers, and they typically require students to conduct research, write a thesis or research question, and use evidence to support their claims.

The key to choosing an excellent high school research topic is to choose a topic that interests you, is specific, relevant to your curriculum, has available resources, and aligns with your academic level and ethical guidelines.

10 Easy High School Research Paper Topics

Here are ten easy research paper topics suitable for high school students:

  1. The Effects of Social Media on Teenagers: Analyze how social media impacts the lives, behaviors, and mental health of high school students.
  2. The Benefits of Regular Exercise: Investigate the advantages of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, particularly focusing on exercise for high school students.
  3. The History of Your Hometown: Explore the historical events and landmarks in your local area to understand its development.
  4. The Impact of Music on Concentration: Research how different types of music affect a student’s ability to concentrate and study.
  5. The Importance of Recycling: Study the benefits of recycling and its impact on the environment, with a focus on easy recycling practices for high school students.
  6. The Basics of Cybersecurity: Provide an overview of essential cybersecurity practices, particularly those relevant to teenagers and their online activities.
  7. The Pros and Cons of School Uniforms: Examine the advantages and disadvantages of implementing school uniforms in high schools.
  8. Teenage Stress and Coping Strategies: Explore common sources of stress for high school students and strategies for managing stress.
  9. The Effects of Fast Food on Health: Investigate the health consequences of consuming fast food and the importance of making healthier food choices.
  10. The Life and Impact of a Famous Historical Figure: Choose a historical figure you find interesting and conduct research on their life, achievements, and influence on society.

These topics are designed to be straightforward and suitable for high school-level research, allowing students to explore various subjects while developing their research and writing skills.

10 Interesting High School Research Paper Topics

Here are ten interesting research paper topics for high school students:

  1. Mental Health Awareness in Schools: Investigate the importance of mental health education in schools and the impact it can have on students.
  2. Cyberbullying and Its Effects: Explore the prevalence of cyberbullying, its psychological effects on victims, and potential prevention strategies.
  3. The Impact of Technology on Teen Relationships: Analyze how technology, especially smartphones and social media, affects the way high school students form and maintain relationships.
  4. The History and Cultural Significance of a Local Landmark: Research the history and cultural importance of a well-known local landmark or historical site.
  5. Climate Change and Its Local Effects: Examine the impact of climate change on the local environment (in your chosen area), such as changes in weather patterns or local ecosystems.
  6. The Influence of Media on Body Image: Investigate how media, including advertising and social media, affects body image and self-esteem in teenagers.
  7. The Role of Women in STEM Fields: Analyze the historical and contemporary contributions of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  8. Youth Activism and Social Change: Study the role of young activists and their impact on social and political issues, such as climate change or gun control.
  9. The Benefits of Volunteering for High School Students: Explore the positive effects of volunteer work on personal development, empathy, and community engagement.
  10. Racial Inequality and Social Justice: Examine the issues of racial inequality and systemic racism, and the ways high school students can engage in promoting social justice.

These topics offer a variety of subjects, from social issues and technology to environmental and historical themes, providing high school students with engaging and meaningful research paper ideas. They can be adapted and refined to match specific interests and the scope of the assignment

10 Controversial (Argumentative) High School Research Paper Topics

Here are ten controversial (argumentative) research paper topics suitable for high school students:

  1. The Impact of Violent Video Games on Youth Behavior: Analyze the ongoing debate over whether playing violent video games leads to increased aggression in teenagers.
  2. Sex Education in Schools: Explore the controversy surrounding sex education curriculum, including abstinence-only programs, comprehensive sex education, and the role of parents in sex education.
  3. Youth Voting Age: Investigate the argument for and against lowering the voting age for high school students to 16 or 17 years old.
  4. The Legalization of Marijuana: Examine the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana, focusing on the impact on youth and public health.
  5. School Uniforms and Individual Expression: Analyze the debate over school uniform policies and their impact on students’ freedom of expression and self-identity.
  6. LGBTQ+ Rights and Education: Explore the controversies surrounding LGBTQ+ inclusivity in schools, including the teaching of LGBTQ+ history and acceptance.
  7. Censorship in School Libraries: Investigate instances of book censorship in school libraries, discussing the boundaries between freedom of expression and protecting students.
  8. Teaching Creationism in Science Classes: Analyze the ongoing debate over teaching creationism or intelligent design alongside evolution in science classes.
  9. Youth Access to Contraceptives: Examine the controversy surrounding providing birth control and condoms to high school students in schools to reduce teen pregnancy.
  10. Homeschooling vs. Public Schooling: Compare and contrast the pros and cons of homeschooling and public schooling, discussing issues of educational quality and socialization.

These topics touch on controversial and thought-provoking issues, encouraging high school students to critically evaluate different viewpoints and engage in meaningful discussions. When researching and writing on these subjects, students can develop their analytical and argumentative skills while exploring topics of societal relevance.

10 Funny High School Research Paper Topics

Here are ten lighthearted and humorous research paper topics suitable for high school students:

  1. The Science of Laughter: Investigate the physiological and psychological benefits of laughter and humor.
  2. The History of Pranks: Explore the evolution of pranks throughout history and their cultural significance.
  3. The Psychology of Memes: Analyze the impact of internet memes on humor and communication.
  4. The Quirks of Teenage Language: Study the unique slang and language trends among high school students and their origins.
  5. The Benefits of Watching Cat Videos: Investigate the science behind why cat videos are so entertaining and mood-lifting.
  6. The Great Debate: Is Pineapple Pizza Acceptable? Analyze the divisive topic of pineapple on pizza, including cultural perspectives and personal preferences.
  7. The Art of Stand-Up Comedy: Examine the history, techniques, and impact of stand-up comedy as a form of entertainment.
  8. The Role of Humor in Shakespearean Plays: Explore the humor and comedic elements in the works of William Shakespeare.
  9. The Evolution of Internet Trolls: Discuss the history and characteristics of online trolling and its impact on social media.
  10. The Science of Procrastination: Investigate why students procrastinate and the humorous anecdotes associated with this common behavior.

These funny research paper topics offer an entertaining twist on traditional research papers while still allowing students to develop their research and writing skills. They’re perfect for adding some humor and creativity to the academic experience.