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Sample Block Method Compare & Contrast Essay

Below is a sample outline and a well-developed block method compare and contrast essay in APA 7th ed. on the topic: “City Life vs. Rural Life.” This sample is intended to help students write better essays.

Block Method Compare and Contrast Essay

Essay Outline

  1. Introduction
    • Hook: Engaging statement about urbanization and its impact on lifestyle choices.
    • Brief introduction to the contrast between city life and rural life.
    • Clear thesis statement outlining the main points of comparison and contrast.
  2. City Life
    1. Characteristics of City Life
      • Discussion of the fast-paced lifestyle, crowded streets, and high population density.
      • Examples of cultural diversity and opportunities for employment and entertainment.
    2. Advantages of City Life
      • Exploration of access to educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and a wide range of job opportunities.
      • Discussion of cultural events and the availability of public transportation.
    3. Disadvantages of City Life
      • Examination of noise pollution, traffic congestion, and high living costs.
      • Discussion of the challenges of finding affordable housing and maintaining a work-life balance.
  3. Rural Life
    1. Characteristics of Rural Life
      • Discussion of the slower pace of life, open spaces, and a smaller, close-knit community.
      • Examples of a closer connection to nature and agricultural activities.
    2. Advantages of Rural Life
      • Exploration of tranquility, clean air, and a strong sense of community.
      • Discussion of opportunities for outdoor recreation and a lower cost of living.
    3. Disadvantages of Rural Life
      • Examination of limited access to healthcare and educational institutions.
      • Discussion of potential isolation and fewer employment opportunities.
  4. Comparison: Similarities between City and Rural Life
    • Discussion of shared values, such as the importance of family and community.
    • Exploration of the impact of technology and communication in bridging urban-rural gaps.
  5. Conclusion
    • Restatement of the thesis statement.
    • Summarization of key points of comparison and contrast in each section.
    • Final thoughts on the choices individuals make regarding city life or rural life based on their preferences and priorities.

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